—Long-duration backup power for mission-critical applications

GenCell BOX is a mandatory component of every telecom base station and other critical devices that must remain powered.

Rugged, reliable, and resilient, the GenCell BOX™ leverages hydrogen fuel cells to output 48V of long-duration, zero-emission direct current power.

No more outages, no more maintenance, just power as planned.

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48V of long-duration


zero-emission direct current power

Key Benefits

Extends power duration from 6-8 to 40+ hours

Reduces risk of outages

Withstands extreme temp. (-40⁰ – +45⁰C)

High redundancy of stacks = failsafe

Ultra-low maintenance

Zero carbon emissions

Product Values

Rugged and Reliable: Designed to withstand extreme environmental and climate conditions.

Green and Sustainable: Emission-free, complying with environmental regulations.
Long-Duration Backup: Provides uninterrupted power for critical communication systems, fueled by hydrogen for up to 40 hours.

Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, reducing operational costs.
Easy Integration and Remote Monitoring: Seamlessly integrates with standard telecom Energy Management Systems, delivering full operational intelligence.

Product Certifications

GenCell BOX has been tested and certified to comply with global, European and Israeli quality standards by relevant standards organizations in Europe and Israel. For details, click to view each certificate.

SII Certificate of Conformity 

ISO 9001 Certification

EC Declaration of Conformity



How does the GenCell BOX provide backup power for telecom base stations?

Specifically designed in accordance with telecom base station specifications, the GenCell BOX suits outdoor locations, outputting long-duration 48V DC backup power fueled by hydrogen. In the event of grid outage, the ultra-reliable BOX kicks in immediately to deliver uninterrupted power for continuous telecommunication operations.

The fuel cell delivers an immediate injection of 120kWh power with high efficiency & unlimited runtime.  The BOX supports diverse telecom provider applications requiring continuous communications, including telecom base stations, emergency communications, radio, WiFi and cellular networks.
Other related communications applications include border control stations; surveillance operational support, remote electronic sensors and alarms; closed circuit TV and remote monitoring for private commercial, industrial and community networks.

How does the GenCell compare to other backup power systems?

The GenCell BOX resolves the key weaknesses of the most common backup power solutions: the limited duration and disposal issues of batteries, the fumes, noise, CO2 emissions and lengthy startup time of diesel generators and the daylight limitations of solar PV energy systems. Fueled by hydrogen, the GenCell BOX delivers uninterrupted operations for critical communication systems. Completely green, the GenCell BOX complies with environmental regulations and incentives, providing a sustainable and resilient backup power option.

How rugged and reliable is the GenCell BOX?

The GenCell BOX is designed to be extremely rugged and reliable, withstanding extreme environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and salinity.  The solution can operate under temperatures from as high as 45°C and as low as -20 °C and can withstand humidity conditions of up to 90%. It can be positioned on-site in stand-by mode for months and kick in immediately on-demand.   In extremely cold weather conditions the BOX’s innovative Cold Start feature enables full power supply from the fuel cell after just 30 minutes, avoiding draining of local energy storage batteries and allowing savings of up to 30% on OpEx.


What maintenance is required for the GenCell BOX?

The GenCell BOX requires minimal maintenance, with infrequent parts and fuel replacements. It is a cost-effective solution with low upkeep requirements. The systems offers fast, easy plug-and-play, drop and connect installation.

Can the GenCell BOX be easily integrated with existing telecom systems?

Yes, the GenCell BOX connects with standard telecom Energy Management System protocols, enabling seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

How much hydrogen fuel does the GenCell BOX require?

Providing a potentially unlimited source of up to 5 kW power, the Gencell BOX is supplied with a modular gas cabinet to meet any duration of backup power required. Typically fueled by standard cylinders of hydrogen with a 50 liter capacity at 200 ATM pressure, customers can store as much hydrogen as they require. 4 cylinders of hydrogen provide over 8 hours of 5kW power, while 20 cylinders provide over 40 hours of 5kW power.

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