—Monitor and manage GenCell energy solutions

Our IoT Remote Manager software keeps tabs on all of your GenCell energy solutions in one user-friendly dashboard.

The software monitors running hours, hydrogen levels, and system performance, notifying you about any preventative maintenance needs.

IoT Remote Manager also works with third party utility and telecom solutions. Work just got a whole lot easier.

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Energy Management System

Key Benefits

Derisk your business with operational intelligence

Maximize equipment visibility

Apply predictive maintenance

Execute remote management

Track & measure KPIs

Optimize performance

Gain insight from history & dashboards

Continuous improvement

Product Details

When operating backup power solutions, failure is not an option. Whether they are used to support mission-critical equipment in utilities, telecom, homeland security, healthcare or niche industrial applications, they must always be ready to kick in immediately and supply power at a moment’s notice.

Incorporating a remote edge layer connected to equipment controllers, a central data server and an NOC user application, the GEMS remote monitoring and management system allows customers to:

• monitor equipment running hours, online load profile, hydrogen consumption, hydrogen fuel levels, and performance;
• receive instant alerts re abnormal performance for preventive maintenance; generate automatic reports, remotely complete maintenance tasks and perform over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades;
•create custom reports and dashboards and connect to third-party management systems via APIs.

Most customers employ EMS/SCADA software, requiring that GenCell’s solutions interface with their applications via generic communication protocols.

To accomodate them, GenCell has developed a proprietary IoT gateway application as the connectivity layer to enable remote customer service via remote supervision and management. This datahub lets GenCell support multi-communication protocols and flexibly upgrade and expand SW functionality, fix bugs and add features, facilitating easy connectivity,  routine email and historical reports generation, advanced analytics and more.

Key Features of the enhanced GEMS Intelligent Edge IoT Solution:

  • Centralized connectivity and management of all devices
  • Support for latest up-to-date connectivity protocols: MQTT, REST API, Modbus, DNP3
  • Login locally and/or remotely via browser, web UI, phone, or tablet
  • Smart Automated Reporting sends insights directly to customers’ email /Telegram account
  • Integration with third-party sensors, hardware and software for maximum customizability and agility

Software Certifications

Energy Star, CE, FCC

TUV IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613, CE, FCC


How does the GEMS integrate different standards, protocols and technologies quickly and efficiently?

To integrate with different customers’ varied and often bespoke EMS/SCADA software applications, GenCell decided to develop an IoT gateway datahub software product to interface with these different systems via generic communication protocols. The GEMS data hub is a Linux based application running on an industrial edge PC.  Its main purpose is to support a broad range of communication protocols and to provide the fundamental connectivity layer for remote customer service, as well as to manage the future development and growth of the GEMS.


What kind of data does the GEMS manage?

If we look at a typical use case from the utilities sector, a typical process that GEMS monitors and manages is Recloser Monitoring and Protection. The software records past recloser trip, alarm and control events and provides protection, control and monitoring functions.  For remote monitoring & analysis of power quality, the GEMS collects data and provides visibility and control of power quality controllers and power quality analyzers; full visibility into and control of the devices enables optimal quality diagnostics and preventative maintenance, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

In other use cases the GEMS collects data from sensors on different pieces of equipment, sounding real-time alarms in the event of theft attempt, activating battery backup to continue location detection upon disconnection of a unit and alerting of door or panel movement of to prevent break-ins in remote locations.  The platform can be configured for remote meter readings, recording values, alarms and control events to enable the utility to understand trends and make real-time adjustments to optimize performance.


What benefit can the GEMS offer telecom providers?

The GEMS software allows telecom and tower operators to effectively collect operational intelligence and supervise multiple unmanned remote base stations from one central location. While the GEMS controls and monitors cellular telecom base station operations, the software platform collects data from sensors connected to fuel cell generators, network equipment, air conditioning units and temperature gauges. The software enables remote supervision of the station, providing alerts and reports for key performance indicators (KPIs) such as humidity, temperature, access control, power management and fire detection.

From the fuel cell generators and any connected devices the software collects relevant data regarding power consumption, grid quality, electrolyte levels, temperatures and other KPIs.  Smart lock sensors can set off alarms and generate alerts via message, mail or pager in case of any site intrusions or damages. Telecom providers can analyze the data, monitoring changes in base stations over time and comparing performance between stations to identify trends, track and improve performance of key metrics such as fuel efficiency and downtime, using the dashboard and report generator to gain insights that allow them to optimize their operations.

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