—Grid-independent primary power

The GenCell FOX™ off-grid power solution extracts hydrogen on-demand and on-site, at half the price of diesel.

Through our patented technology, we’ve developed a way to use anhydrous ammonia as an economical and accessible source of hydrogen.

One tank of ammonia fuels up to a year of 24/7 power (depending on power rating), ensuring power reliability and independence for remote locations.

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One tank fuels up to a year of 24/7 power

Key Benefits

24/7 off-grid primary power

Green, zero emissions

Agile, independent, suits remote locations

Smart, affordable & available ammonia fuel

Sustainable AND weather-resilient

Product Values

Access to Electricity: Provides power for lighting, telecom and economic development in off or poor-grid rural areas lacking stable electricity.

Environmental Sustainability: Green fuel cell energy using anhydrous ammonia reduces pollution from diesel generators.

Cost-Effective: Significantly more economical than diesel alternatives, offers cost savings using just two 12 ton tanks of ammonia to operate at rated power

Reliable and Continuous Operation: 24/7 power generation from on-demand hydrogen via patented ammonia cracking device.

Scalable Deployment: Suitable for broad distributed installations, contributing to widespread electrification efforts.

The GenCell FOX combines the BOX with a patented ammonia cracker which extracts hydrogen from ammonia so that the system can run off-grid 24/7 to deliver primary power to remote locations beyond the power grid.  The FOX retains the BOX’s zero-emission, reliable, long-duration, climate and weather-resistant power, enhancing the solution with the added value of economical green fuel – less expensive than diesel – which can be safely, easily and economically stored on-site.


Product Certifications

The GenCell FOX incorporates the BOX; this means that the FOX has been tested and certified to comply with global, European and Israeli quality standards by relevant standards organizations in Europe and Israel. For details, click to view each certificate.

SII Certificate of Conformity 

ISO 9001 Certification

EC Declaration of Conformity



How does the GenCell FOX™ provide off-grid power for various applications?

The GenCell FOX™ combines robust alkaline fuel cell technology with an inexpensive and easily accessible liquid fuel – anhydrous ammonia – to generate green energy, offering a reliable, green and economical off-grid power solution for diverse applications in remote locations as well as for rural electrification. The GenCell FOX solution uses GenCell’s patented ammonia cracking device to generate hydrogen-on-demand for powering its industry-proven hydrogen fuel cell generators. Operating at near atmospheric pressure, the system obtains sufficient fuel from two 12 ton tanks of ammonia to operate at rated power 24/7 for a full year.

To watch the video explanation of the full process of ammonia to power generation, click here.

What cost savings can be achieved with the GenCell FOX™ compared to diesel solutions?

In alignment with varying local ammonia prices, the GenCell FOX has a lower TCO than diesel-based power solutions, typically providing green energy at half the price of its diesel alternative and enabling significant cost savings. Established distribution channels using pipelines, barges and trucks make ammonia readily available and economical. By deploying the GenCell FOX solution for 24×7 off-grid power at 1000 sites or more, you can save up to 250 million dollars or more compared to conventional diesel generator solutions.

Is the GenCell FOX™ suitable for different locations and environments?

Yes, the GenCell FOX™ can be rapidly deployed anywhere, from remote rural areas to dense urban sites, ensuring power availability even in limited or non-existent grid conditions. The system can ensure continuous operation of key applications across different industry sectors including telecom, homeland security and other public services. These include electrification of schools, homes and medical clinics and varied services for infrastructure such as water purification, water pumps and heating.

What are the advantages of using ammonia as fuel?

Safe, economical and carbon-neutral, as a fuel, ammonia (NH3) offers significant advantages over other fuels such as gasoline, propane or natural gas. Not only because it emits no CO2 when consumed, but also due to its freeze tolerance, biodegradability and ability to retain high quality over time. It has high power-to-fuel-to-power (PFP) efficiency, a high-octane rating of 110-130 and a narrow flammability range that eliminates risk of explosion. But the key advantage of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier is the fact that it offers high hydrogen storage density as a liquid, with mild pressurization and without cryogenic constraints – generating more energy from the same amount of fuel.  As a fuel, ammonia is economical; available – the second most widely produced chemical in the world at a volume of some 200 million tons per year; and transportable – easy to store at low pressure. And another key advantage for GenCell is ammonia’s chemical compatibility with our electrolyte. Because both ammonia and KOH are alkaline, our fuel cells are able to handle both materials.

What are the environmental benefits of the GenCell FOX™?

The GenCell FOX™ is zero-emission and compliant with renewable energy incentives, contributing to sustainability and decarbonization efforts. With the global transition from fossil fuels to green energy underway, there is a need for long-term energy storage and long-range transmission of green energy. Ammonia is a perfect fit for both uses as it is a highly efficient liquid carrier of hydrogen at room temperature that can be readily transported. Renewable energy technologies are expected to take a leading role in generating sustainable energy, but their weather-dependence makes their availability problematic and the generation of green power inconsistent. Energy from fuel cells can be used to close these gaps. Instead of wasting excess capacity from renewables, excess energy can be stored as liquid ammonia and the GenCell FOX can extract hydrogen-on-demand from green ammonia to generate total green power, anywhere and everywhere power is needed. In short, ammonia is the key to delivering clean power for humanity, enabling us  and render diesel generators obsolete.

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