—The ultimate EV charging solution

To realize the goals of the transition to electric transportation, power for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations should be easily accessible, cost-efficient, and emission-free, but this clean power is not yet available everywhere.

Fueled by hydrogen and ammonia, GenCell EVOX™ can produce power at virtually any site, filling the power gaps constraining the development of EV charging. Embedded GEMS energy management software optimizes resource allocation to monitor profitability. Eliminate range anxiety and give your customers the satisfaction of plugging in to clean, reliable energy.

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Fueled by hydrogen and ammonia

Key Benefits

Reduces EV range anxiety

Immediate 3-phase power at 1-phase sites

Zero emissions, compliant with RE incentives & eligible for funding

Suits all types of fast DC chargers

Modular, scalable & rapid to deploy

Integrates with other power sources

Minimal maintenance

Ammonia-ready for minimized OpEx

Product Values

Grid Independence: Enables 24/7 on-site power generation for EV charging in any weather or grid conditions to reduce range anxiety.

Zero Emissions and Renewable Energy Compliant: Fueled by hydrogen and ammonia, EVOX is environmentally friendly and qualifies for renewable energy incentives.

Powers multiple fast DC chargers (50 – 250kW) to charge EVS to ~80% energy capacity within 12 – 30 minutes – anywhere, anytime

Rapid Deployment and Scalability: Quick installation to cut lead time, modular design, and compatibility with different charging types.

Low Maintenance: Designed for cost-effective and reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

Smart Energy Management SW: Optimizes power resources, integrates with other sources, tracks usage, and ensures reliable backup power management.

The GenCell EVOX enables rapid deployment of zero-emission, climate and weather-resistant, reliable power generation on site to enable fast DC EV charging of multiple EVs beyond the grid anywhere needed, overcoming the currently insufficient power capacity from the grid, supplying three-phase power at single-phase sites.  Scalable so as to allow flexible combinations and configurations, EVOX incorporates predictive software and enables optimization of various power resources (solar PV, wind, BESS, grid etc.) to ensure high-performance, cost-effective charging operations at all times and in all conditions.

Product Certifications

FC Safety – IEC/EN 62282-3-100
Info. Tech. Safety IEC 60950-1
Safety of Machinery IEC 60204-1
Electrical Appliances Safety IEC 60335
RFI Disturbances EN55011
EMC Immunity EN61000-6-2

EC Declaration of Conformity

ISO 9001 Certification


SII Certificate of Conformity 


How does the GenCell EVOX™ provide off-grid power for EV charging?

The GenCell EVOX generates its own power on-site using hydrogen and ammonia fuel, ensuring 24/7 charging availability independent of the grid. Incorporating a 372 – 500kWh energy storage device with up to 920kWh stored as hydrogen, each EVOX unit delivers 480kWh per day. The solution can service multiple fast DC chargers (50 – 250kW), typically enabling each vehicle to reach a charge of 80% energy capacity within 12 – 30 minutes – anywhere, anytime, independent of the grid. In addition to EV charging, the system’s resilient power can also be leveraged to kick in immediately during outages to back up adjacent facilities, and may even earn an additional source of revenues by selling power to the grid during peak demand.

Is the GenCell EVOX™ environmentally friendly?

Yes, the GenCell EVOX™ is zero-emission and fueled by clean hydrogen and ammonia, contributing to a sustainable and green charging solution. Running EVs on electricity generated using fossil fuels maintains and even increases carbon emission levels, in essence cancelling out the benefits of the transition to electric vehicles. As it seems that it will be a long time until the grid transitions to environmentally friendly fuels worldwide, the green alternative to the grid is renewable energy resources. But solar PV and wind which are intermittently available need energy storage to provide power when there is no sun and wind. To provide enough power to charge the growing number of EVs on the roads, another source is needed to ensure that batteries are sufficiently charged, and this is where EVOX complements renewables and batteries to enable reliable, resilient and environmentally-friendly EV charging.

Can the GenCell EVOX™ be quickly deployed in different locations?

Absolutely, the GenCell EVOX™ is designed for rapid deployment and can be installed in various settings, from remote rural areas to dense urban sites.  Rapid deployment of EVOX stations helps fill the power gap and overcome the EV range anxiety caused by the lack of sufficient EV charging power capacity for the growing pool of EVs on the roads.  Building new EV charging infrastructure is a complex and lengthy process, especially in situations requiring upgrades to the power grid. GenCell EVOX can substitute or supplement grid power, delivering three-phase power to fast DC charging equipment even in locations where the grid provides only single-phase power.

Is the EVOX eligible for public funding and tax incentives?

Yes, public policy around the world, starting with leadership from the European Union, followed by an enormous leap by the United States and equivalently strong support from other nations worldwide is directing substantial funds to finance the transition to renewable energy in its different forms, including incentives to expand the use of hydrogen fueling as well as funds designated for EV charging. EVOX is eligible for these funds on both counts.

As an example, in the U.S., the Department of Energy EV and FCEV Manufacturing Tax Credit designates that qualified advanced energy projects, including but not limited to projects that re-equip, expand, or establish manufacturing or industrial facilities that produce or recycle light-, medium-, and heavy-duty EVs, FCEVs, EV charging stations, and hydrogen fueling stations are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. In parallel, the U.S. Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) provides $7.5 billion to develop the country’s EV-charging infrastructure.  These initiatives build on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which has provided the U.S. clean energy sector with new and extended tax incentives and other policy support. It represented the single largest climate-related investment by the U.S. government to date, allocating $369 billion for sustainable energy and climate initiatives. The IRA’s clean energy incentives include many provisions for clean hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, either extending many existing federal tax credits, increasing existing federal tax credits, or creating new federal tax credits. Beyond these federal funds, most states offer additional incentives and funding programs for clean energy.

Fueled by hydrogen to provide green power for EV charging in an effort to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy sector, GenCell EVOX meets the criteria for all of these funds.

Does the GenCell EVOX™ integrate with other power sources and energy management systems?

Yes, the GenCell EVOX™ incorporates advanced smart energy management software that optimizes power resources, integrates with other sources, and ensures efficient fuel usage and reliable backup power management. Incorporating smart real-time energy site management software, EVOX manages the allocation of all available power sources and monitors the energy consumed by EV charging to achieve optimal cost, efficiency, and performance. The software integrates the fuel cell operations with other power sources, prioritizes which energy resources to consume according to real-time costs, tracks energy usage in sync with EV charging payment apps, tracks and charges the different billable power sources and manages backup power operations. Using the software over time provides EV charging operators with deep insight into the breakdown of their power costs and expenses and allows them to efficiently allocate the right resources at the right times to ensure good service, satisfy customers, minimize fuel costs and adapt their billing systems to ensure a profitable business model – making EVOX a critical component of their success.

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