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Petah Tikva, Israel – June 21, 2021 – GenCell Energy, (TASE: GNCL) a leading Israel-based manufacturer of fuel cell energy solutions, today announces that the Company has successfully completed  an advanced testing period of its innovative experimental GenCell A5 off-grid power solution based on alkaline fuel cell (AFC) technology at the site of an active Emergency Communications System (ECS) station outside Reykjavik, Iceland operated by Neyðarlínan ohf, the state-owned Icelandic telecom provider that operates 112, the National Emergency Number, the National Tetra Telecommunication Service and the Icelandic Maritime Service.  The off-grid power system, installed in a compact container housing the ammonia cracker integrated with the AFC generator, has successfully completed an important milestone of running 1500 continuous working hours in inclement weather conditions including sub-zero temperatures (-10⁰ C) compounded by heavy rains and strong winds. The experimental GenCell A5 combines the advantages of low temperature fuel cell with the ability to operate on liquid ammonia fuel., one of the most effective carbon-free hydrogen carriers, offering clean power with only water, nitrogen and heat as by–products. GenCell’s A5 off–grid solution has been designed to provide ultra-reliable power performance and high efficiency in these harshest weather conditions, using economical and widely available liquid ammonia.
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In alignment with the regulatory environment in which the Icelandic government has set ambitious targets to cease the use of fossil fuels before the year 2050 and even to ban the registration of new diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles from the year 2030, Neyðarlínan ohf aims to minimize its carbon footprint; deploying zero-emission fuel cell solutions will assist the telecom operator in complying with these stringent sustainability objectives.

Looking ahead, GenCell and Neyðarlínan ohf have agreed to carry out a second testing period in the extreme weather conditions typical of the Arctic regions in the winter months between December 2021 and February 2022.  Following the satisfactory completion of the winter evaluation, the two companies will negotiate the deployment of GenCell A5 units at active 112 emergency communication sites across Iceland.

Commented Thorhallur Olafsson, CEO Neyðarlínan ohf, “We are very pleased that the deployment of the GenCell A5 off-grid power solution testing unit here in Iceland has been satisfactory.  Fuel cell technology is well-suited for Iceland’s extreme climate and weather conditions and will also help us accelerate our transition to clean renewable energy sources while at the same time ensuring resilient and affordable power. We are pleased to have achieved the first milestone of satisfactory deployment of this advanced testing unit and look forward to expanding the deployment to respond to our broader clean power requirements.”

GenCell CTO and VP R&D Gennadi Finkelshtain remarked, “We are extremely satisfied by the execution of the A5 deployment at the Neyðarlínan ohf site in Reykjavik thus far and we are confident that the sustainable and rugged A5 stand-alone power solution will keep remote stations running continuously. We will continue to collect data from the advanced testing unit which will demonstrate and document how positively the A5 performs in Iceland’s harsh weather conditions.”

“We are proud and happy that our A5 unit has achieved this important milestone,” commented Rami Reshef, GenCell CEO.  “We look forward to continuing to work with Neyðarlínan ohf and other telecom providers to meet their off-grid power requirements with clean, reliable hydrogen-based solutions. As more and more countries around the world are stepping up to invest in expanding the global hydrogen economy, GenCell is pleased to play a role in bringing hydrogen to the crucial telecom sector to ensure clean, uninterrupted power in even the toughest climate conditions.  With mobile communications forming the lifeline for digital services that have become critical components in health, education, agricultural and transport applications among many others, smart telecom providers are increasingly moving to independent and distributed energy resources to ensure continuous connectivity – GenCell is glad to lead this part of the global hydrogen trend and to be able to help telecom operators everywhere #SayNoToDiesel.”

To see a video of the deployment, click here.

About Neyðarlínan

Neyðarlínan operates the 1-1-2 National Emergency Number service, Tetra, the National Emergency Telecommunication Service and the VSS Icelandic Maritime Service. As part of the Tetra and VSS service Neyðarlína operates radio communications at over 200 remote sites providing mission- critical services to civil protection teams and first responders on land and sea. Neyðarlínan is a private company in majority ownership of the Icelandic State. The shareholders are the Icelandic State 81,5% and the capital city of Reykjavik 18,5%.

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