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  • Ensures optimal patient care and reduces risk-to-life
  • Hydrogen fuel cell reduces dependence on polluting diesel generators and improves environmental impact
  • Smooth, continuous power flow protects expensive and life-saving medical equipment

Petach Tikvah, Israel – January 21, 2019 – GenCell Energy, is a leading Israel-based manufacturer of fuel cell energy solutions, today announces that The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Israel has installed a hydrogen-based GenCell G5 Long-Duration UPS (uninterrupted power supply) within its cardiac catheterization unit. The project was executed together with healthcare service provider and GenCell’s medical market distributor, Medtechnica.

Representing the country’s first fuel cell used within a hospital environment, the GenCell G5 ensures power continuity within the facility for optimal patient care, while reducing its environmental footprint by lowering its dependence on highly polluting diesel generators. Preventing even the slightest interruption to power flow eliminates any possibility of damage to delicate equipment, crucially avoiding equipment downtime and interruptions to surgical procedures. The project signifies an important step for medical and other public service institutions seeking to transition to clean energy and render diesel obsolete.

The key driver for introducing the G5 solution was to optimize operations in the Intensive Care Coronary Unit (ICCU), where long, complex catheterization procedures involving sophisticated equipment require imaging devices and computer peripherals with high power load demands. The hospital sought a fail-safe backup solution that could absorb these short, but intense peak loads, by installing the G5 with its fully redundant grid configuration and internal energy bridge feature that delivers dynamic load capacity. As a result, Hillel Yaffe has successfully eliminated any concerns that power spikes will interfere with surgical operations. Now the ICCU enjoys a smooth and constant flow of electricity, limited only by the availability of fuel to keep the G5 fuel cell running. This assures them an unprecedented level of power reliability.

Ronen Edry, Chief Engineer, The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, explains: “We are aware that the imaging apparatus we employ can cause power spikes that may initiate a lengthy reboot procedure for its supporting IT equipment. If this were to take place during a catheterization process, it would delay the surgery by several minutes with potential risk to the patient. This was a key factor in our decision to deploy the G5.”
Edry continues: “From the start of testing we have been impressed by the GenCell G5’s flawless performance. In addition to its measurable contribution to smooth equipment operations, the reliability of regular power now enables our staff to carry out medical procedures with full confidence and peace of mind – undoubtedly, this has resulted in better patient care and personnel well-being.”

The GenCell G5 is now regulating energy for all the cardio-cath medical operations, reducing patient disruption, improving care, and in extreme conditions, minimizing the likelihood of power issues resulting in risk-to-life. Already proven for healthcare, telecom, homeland security and niche industrial markets, the GenCell G5 backup power fuel cell is ideal for hospital applications because it produces no emissions, noise or vibrations, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center serves a population of close to 450,000 people. Following the success of its initial G5 installation, the medical center plans to install additional units to backup other sensitive and critical medical devices and systems. This effectively creates a microgrid within the facility that will increase its independence from the grid and ensure smooth and uninterrupted power for further improvements to patient care across other departments.

Gil Shavit, GenCell President & CBDO comments: “We’re proud that the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center is leveraging our hydrogen-powered fuel cells to ensure the smooth operation of its cardio-catheterization unit. Not only is the facility maximizing the uptime of its specialized equipment and avoiding costly repairs, it’s also reducing the dependency on diesel to protect the environment. This aligns with the global drive to eliminate diesel generators wherever possible to reduce carbon emissions and their impact on our world.”

Shavit concludes, “As expressed in our motto ‘Say-No-To-Diesel’, GenCell is committed to clean energy and is proud to develop technologies that provide organizations like Hillel Yaffe and other businesses around the world with reliable, cost-efficient, clean power.”

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