GenCell joins the Connecting Green Hydrogen MENA 2023 Conference to Drive Resilient, Clean, Uninterrupted Power across the MENA Region

Traditional energy powers in the Middle East are being supplemented by clean energy hubs incorporating technologies that enable zero-emission Power for Humanity in remote locations that to date have suffered from insufficient electricity. Private and public policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs are gathering at Connecting Green Hydrogen MENA 2023 in Dubai to discuss innovative commercial opportunities and accelerate investments in renewable power generation and hydrogen storage in the countries where sun and wind are plentiful, developing these economies via profitable export of hydrogen to Europe to replace fossil fuels. While the primary aim of the large-scale green hydrogen and green ammonia projects will be export, in parallel this production will enable affordable local projects leveraging the green hydrogen and ammonia for clean, resilient, reliable and efficient backup and off-grid power for diverse mission-critical applications.

Leveraging innovative hydrogen and ammonia technologies to accelerate renewable power generation and hydrogen storage in the Middle East and North Africa can drive profitable regional cooperation and expand the local adoption of clean energy. For example, the launch of zero-emission grid-independent EV charging in locations where grid power is limited can propel similar deployments in off and weak grid locations across MENA as well as in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere. 

Hydrogen-fueled solutions
In response to demand from the EV charging sector, GenCell has adapted its revolutionary hydrogen and ammonia-to-power technologies to deliver the first revolutionary hydrogen-fueled EV charging solutions which are scheduled for rapid deployment at some ten sites already in 2023. Combining hybrid renewable energy sources with battery storage and hydrogen fuel cells, the solution optimizes power performance while ensuring power for 24/7 fast charging anywhere, in any grid conditions.
The hydrogen-to-power technologies adapted for the EVOX EV charging solution also deliver long duration backup and off-grid power for continuous telecom connectivity. They aim to displace pollutant diesel generators powering telecom towers that emit almost 7 million metric tons of CO2 per year – equal to some 3% of the industry’s annual emissions. 
 Looking to further reduce hydrogen fueling cost and complexity and to simplify deployment by leveraging affordable, available and energy-dense ammonia fuel, GenCell has also developed unique, patented ammonia-to-power technologies, launching in 2022 the GenCell FOX™ off-grid power solution now being tested by Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and several other telecom operators and tower managers. As the availability of hydrogen and ammonia increases, MNOs in remote locations in MENA will be able to leverage these weather-resistant, low maintenance and theft-adverse solutions.

GenCell FOX off-grid power solution

Hydrogen and Ammonia Create a Clean Energy Bridge Across MENA
At the UNFCC COP27 Climate Conference in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt focused a strong spotlight on the planet’s long-term energy needs in stark contrast to the ongoing energy crisis in which violent geopolitical even

ts have been blurring, confusing and exacerbating the challenges of achieving carbon-neutrality before it is too late.

The conference in Egypt was proof that short-term fuel shortages and price fluctuations raising demand for fossil fuels could not erase the urgency of global decarbonization targets. MENA energy players are no longer focused only on OPEC oil exports; Saudi Arabia offers NEOM, the Egyptian government is accelerating investments in renewables and green hydrogen while Morocco expands its green ammonia production capacity.

In parallel to this progress, Egypt’s neighbor and technology provider Israel is today developing innovative cleantech technologies that are making a significant contribution to the transition to renewable energy in the MENA region and in Africa. With a long and positive history in desalination for arid areas and innovative breakthroughs in foodtech, weather and soil management and other aspects of climatech technologies, Israel also invests ingenuity and resourcefulness in the Renewable Energy space. We envision bringing together the complementary advanced solar and wind assets being developed across the sunny and windy expanses of the Arabian deserts with sophisticated alkaline fuel cell and catalyst technologies developed by GenCell to accelerate progress towards zero-emission targets in the region as well as to drive profitable clean energy exports to Europe and Asia.

To this end, GenCell is participating in at the Connecting Green Hydrogen Conference MENA in Dubai with the aim of identifying potential partners and projects needing backup and off-grid power for the thriving telecom, utility and oil & gas sectors across the region as well as to join in building out the developing EV charging markets in the Emirates and beyond. We welcome you to join our co-founder and CBDO Gil Shavit in the panel discussion entitled ”Cutting-Edge Technologies for Hydrogen Fueling Solutions”.

For more details and to register for the conference, click here. 

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